Does Building A Muscle Help Burn Fat?

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When you ask an expert or search online for weight loss and fat burn tips, you’ll be amazed at how many you can find. From sticking to vegetables and fruits, eliminating starchy and fatty foods from your diet, drinking lots of water, using supplements to taking fitness classes, going out for light jogs and engaging in sweaty activities, you can’t miss a thing or two that fits your weekly routine.

One funny fact about these tips and tricks is that they all end up doing the same thing that is, eliminating extra fat from your body. Unfortunately, depending on how you plan to do any of these, you will see the results as early as one week or the worst, wait long like forever to see your body burn a pound of fat. Talking of fat, there is one trick that often work faster than others, that is, weight training.

As experts say, muscle and fat can’t rule together. One has to be dominant than the other’, meaning that the more you gain muscles, the faster you burn fat. This got me to thinking, does muscle lose fat? If yes, why is it considered somehow effective than the rest? To help you understand the meaning of this, here are some few facts that I gathered.

Facts about Muscle Building and Body Fat Burning: Does Muscle Lose Fat?

A lot of studies have proven that you need to burn more calories to maintain your muscles than to burn fat.

What does this mean?

* According to health and fitness experts, you need to burn up to approximately 3,550 calories you consume to lose roughly one pound of body fat. What can do this better than building muscles? The truth is, if not straining your body, none. Calories go together with fat, meaning that the more calories you lose in a day, the more fat you burn. So, if muscles can help burn calories, it will definitely help burn the excess fat in your body.

* Several research findings have also shown that the more calories your body burns, the higher the level of metabolism. Okay, from our general knowledge, we understand metabolism as a process that occurs in our body to help us live. These processes involve, utilizing the foods we consumed including, proteins, starch and most importantly, fats. In fact, if you need to reduce the effects of excess fats in your body, you just need to involve something that will help increase your metabolism, and that is where muscle building comes in.

How many Calories Does a Muscle Burn?

You’ve just seen that building muscle can really help burn fat, but as asked earlier, why is it considered somehow more effective than any other available weight loss and fat burning options? Well, it is time to find out.

If you’ve been doing some research on muscle building and Fat burning, you might have heard testimonies of guys losing up to 100 calories per day. There are also claims that it can go as far as 500 calories in one day, meaning that if you stick to the program, you can lose up to 3,500 in one week. As mentioned earlier, that is approximate, 1 pound of fat burnt in one week.

One other fascinating fact is that weight training is so hard compared to other vigorous exercises such as hours of jogging, swimming or bike riding. You just need to lift what you can and build on it with time. The point is, you’ll lose more calories and burn fat in a one-hour session of continuous muscle-building than in a one-hour continuous jogging, bike riding or swimming.

The bottom line

So, does muscle lose weight? Well, you’ve read it, but is that what it really is? Simple, you have to try it to believe it. However, when taking weight training classes to burn fat, you must always keep in mind that hard work pays. You won’t just jump into a weight training class, lift a 30-kilogram barbell on both sides until your mind tells you to stop and expect to see an astounding result. Just like swimming and jogging, you must plan your program, know what to do and what not to do when and most importantly, work on your diet. Unless you are a female who would like to maintain her feminine looks, engaging in something that will help you build some muscle, will, without a doubt, help you burn some fat.


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